Q.1. How many bundles do I need?

Ans. For lengths 14″-16″ you will need 2 or more bundles. For lengths 18″-24″ you will need 3 or more bundles. For lengths 26″-30″ you will need 4 or more bundles. For legths 30″-Up you will need 5 or more bundles. Each bundle is about 3-3.05 oz


Q.2 Will this hair blend with my hair?

Ans. Yes. This hair is also ethnic and blends well with most if not all hair types.


Q.3. Does this hair shed?

Ans. We strive to provide quality bundles that sheds minimally. Any hair sewn on a weft will typically shed but the density of your hair should never be noticably changed with proper hair care.


Q.4 Can I color this hair?

Ans. Yes. This hair can be colored however once colored it is no longer virgin hair and has been chemically altered. Coloring your Xtensions will slightly change the texture and produce minimal shedding as you real hair would. We highly recommend seeking a professional.


Q.5 Why isn't my tracking number updating?

Ans. Please allow 24-48 hours for your tracking to update in the online usps system.


Q.6 What are business days?

Ans. Monday through Friday and excluding all holidays.